9 to 5 do people still do that?

The Work World is Changing!

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The World Is Changing

Going Nowhere Fast!

Are you one the many people out there that have a “Job” and work for someone else?

We were taught when we were young growing up, that if you keep your “nose to the grindstone” and work hard you will make it!

That might have been Ok years ago but not in this day in age, you probably know people that have worked hard their whole life kept their “nose to grindstone” and didn’t make it in life!

Who came up with that term “nose to the grindstone” anyway! Lol

How many people do you know that feel like they’re carry the whole world on their backs?

Caring the World on your back?

It’s a Heavy Responsibility

You probably know quite a few people that have kept their “nose to the grindstone” and worked hard their whole life and are still barley making it from paycheck to paycheck.

Or maybe they make a big income from their Job and have money to pay the bills have nice things drive nice cars, but don’t have enough time to spend their money or enjoy their lifestyle.

Is there a Good Job?


Yes, there are good jobs out there where people make good money have time and love what they do.

But what’s the percentage of those people versus the people that don’t make good money don’t have time and don’t like what they do. They continue doing the same thing whether they’re happy or not just to pay the bills and survive.

“That’s not the way to enjoy life!”

Everyone wants to be Happy!

Everyone wants to be happy

Are you Happy?

Are people happy when they have to get up early every morning before sunlight to fight traffic on their way to work everyday always in a hurry, which usually results in stress before they even make it to work.

Always running to work

Running through Life?


Then if they don’t like the work they’re doing and the pay they’re getting that just adds on more stress to their day and life.

Is time flying away?

Is time flying away?

Time doesn’t Stop

Is time flying by in your life? Are things just moving to fast, not enough time or money and you don’t know what to do or who to ask their is hope.

One thing about time it doesn’t stand still for anyone.

Is time slipping through your hands?

Don’t let time slip away


So, what’s the answer?

If you love what you do and have time and money, then you are probably happy, keep doing what your doing.

But if you’re like a lot of the people out in the world that aren’t making good money don’t have time and are not happy then maybe you should consider a change. Maybe become your own boss and consider learning how to build a successful and profitable online business with a website of your choice.

You can do this part time or full time depending on how much time you want to  invest into your own business and website.

What are you looking for in life?

What are you looking for in life?

Have you thought about it?


  • More Money
  • More Family Time
  • Vacation
  • More Time
  • Charity
  • Retirement

Don’t get caught up in the Rat Race!


How to leave you job

Escape the Rat Race

Take a chance and seek a change where you are your own Boss with time and money the “American Dream” does exist.  You say how am I going to do that?

Well I’m going to show you how to do that without some huge investment in money or time.

You can check it out and get started for “Free” to see if this is something that can benefit your life. Maybe one of the reasons I listed above is something you need more of.

I’m sure by now you’re saying “Yea Free, Right” nothing’s free just like I did when I first heard that. But I was looking for a way to earn extra money online and had no money to invest no computer skills no online skills a 14-yr. old computer and no website skills.

None of that Mattered!

Why you ask?

 “Because I had a Dream and Desire”

You’re reading my content and checking out my website that I didn’t know how to build at first, remember what I said earlier that I didn’t have any skills at all, well that was before I found an online university called wealthyaffiliate.com that taught me everything from A – Z about building a successful, profitable online website.

So, if you are someone that’s looking for something better for your life and future then you should probably consider checking this out. Like I said you don’t have to have training or money to get started and signup for Free.

All you need to have is a dream and desire and be persistence and never give up!

Heads Up! 

This is the second website that I have built with no experience building websites. I have vision out of one eye still hunt and peck the keyboard still learning at 66 yrs. old.

But I have a Dream and Desire to better my life and future!

Do you have a Dream or Desire?

Are you tired of the rat race?

Do you need more money?

Do you need more time?

Do you like your job?

Did this post make you think?

Did this post help you?

I would love to get your feed bac on this please leave any question or comments below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting my website please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

Have a bless day!





Larry Anderson


  1. I love your website and your writing is really interesting, I can see you are doing all the right things but I would have loved to see more interesting images, you have inserted images according to content but maybe you need more appealing images and not too many images. But I love the humor part of your writing and those sharing buttons are awesome. But You have done a remarkable Job.

    • Hi Cinderella,
      Thank you for your kind comments about my writing and my website.
      Thank you for your helpful comments also,I will look into those changes.
      I tired to check out your website but it goes to 404 which means google can’t find it, that happened to me also one time.
      Recheck your spelling and where you put the periods at in your URL and check permalink on your edit page to see if your website URL is correct.
      Let me know if helps you out?
      Have a bless day!

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