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Wealthy Affiliate owns Jaaxy

Wealthy Affiliate Plus Jaaxy!

Jaaxy offers the best keyword research tool free unlimited searches! Now that Wealthy Affiliate owns Jaaxy they offer a lot more than just unlimited searches.

Jaaxy is the Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool in late 2017 it was updated to version 3.0 to include improved old features and added new features.

Jaaxy was developed by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers and is the only keyword research platform offered in the industry. When managing all aspects of keywords it is the most advanced in website competition and market research on the internet.

Keyword research tool is the way you find out about your competitions rankings and traffic in the field your writing about, it’s the way that google ranks you on the page from top to bottom.

You’re looking for your website to be within the first 10 websites on the front page working your way up to the top of the first page on Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines.

Jaaxy added a new feature called the “Alphabet Soup” this mixes up your keywords and phrases with every letter in the Alphabet to get more search terms you’re looking for.

Here’s an example below.

best keyword search tool

Jaaxy Search Screen

If you search for scams online

scams online + A

Google search would be (online scamming articles) etc.

Jaaxy search would be (how to spot a scam online) etc.

scams online + B

Are you getting the idea? B will give you other keywords and phrases that your searching for?

You just keep going through the alphabet from A-Z the possibilities are endless it gives you a lot of keywords and phrases to choose from to write articles about on your website.


Jaaxy helps you to find the right keywords & Phrases so that Google can rank your website 


  1. Free Trial 30 searches
  2. Unlimited searches
  3. Can search from Google, Bing and Yahoo
  4. Works with any niche
  5. Helps to find keywords with less competition
  6. Has great support team
  7. keyword search tool
  8. easy to navigate
  9. 9 cool features
  10. Cheapest keyword research tool on the market


  1. Can’t get local search results only global search results.

Low Competition- “Low Hanging Fruit”

A low hanging fruit keyword is a low competition keyword. Like a fruit tree, it’s the fruit that is smaller and there are more of them (low traffic keywords) they have less competition more traffic.

Most everyone looks for the fruit at the top of the tree (high traffic keywords)

Those are keywords over 300 QSR

Not looking for high Hanging Fruit

You’re looking for rankings from google and new websites sometimes have a harder chance getting ranked under a high traffic keyword. It takes a while for google to trust your website. It’s better to go for the low competition keywords with a lot of traffic.

“Low Hanging Fruit” 

Low keywords under 100 QSR

Looking for Low Hanging Fruit

Jaaxy will help you find the right keywords and phrases with less competition.

As of April 2017, there are over 1 billion websites on the internet.

Reasons why Keywords are so Important!

  1. find out about your competition on rankings
  2. keywords help you with knowing the trends
  3. Keywords help you rank any website with ease
  4. You can make money off Jaaxy research tool

Jaaxy helps you to find low competition high traffic keywords and phrases that will lead to more money from your website. Keywords that are under a 100 QSR – (Quoted Search Results)

Of course, you are probably saying to yourself OK what does it cost?

Everything Cost

What’s the Cost!

That’s everyone’s question, but first you must ask yourself if I do pay for this keyword research tool is it going to make me money and pay for itself?

Refer Jaaxy make Money!

If your answer is “YES” then it’s worth the membership price.

Jaaxy is owned by WA

WA joins Jaaxy

Name: Jaaxy

Website url: www.jaaxy.com

Business: keyword research tool

Starter: “Free” 30 free searches

Lite: “Free” unlimited searches

Pro: $19/mo. unlimited searches plus bonuses

Enterprise:$49/mo. unlimited searches plus lots of bonuses

Owners: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rankings: 5 stars

Jaaxy will help you get your website on the first page on Google!

That Will Make you Money!

Jaaxy has unlimited searches, site rankings, and affiliate programs and much more that can help you make money.

Accessing your Jaaxy Acount through Wealthy Affiliate!

Faster and easier with WA!



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Do you know what a keyword research tool is?

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Larry Anderson


  1. I agree that jaaxy is defiantly one of the best keyword research tools out there, and the fact you can get access to it for free by joining wealtjy affiliate is amazing.

    Anyone successful knows that in order to build a good ppc campaign or profitable blog — you NEED good keyword. And jaaxy delievers just that.

    Do you use the free version, or do you upgrade to one of the premium features?

    • Hi Micheal, I agree with you Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool out there, especially since Wealthy Affiliate owns it now!

      I’m a Premium member so I don’t know if that’s a free version or a upgrade. I also use the Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool.  

      Thanks for checking out my post and your comments.

      have a blessed day!


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