Cemetery Plot Scams! “Have you been targeted?”

Memorial Burial Parks! 

Memorial Burial Parks! 

Burial Plot Scams


Can you imagine you and your loved ones getting scammed planning for a burial plot, niche etc.  so that you and all your loved ones are taken care of ahead of time just in case something ever happened in the future.

You go to the Memorial Park to talk to someone about the arrangements and cost. They take you and your love ones around the park to find a location for your grave site, cemetery plot, burial space mausoleum crypt or niche.

Everything goes well at the memorial park and you decide to fill out the paper work necessary for you and your loved ones.

The management at the memorial park is very kind and helpful because they realize that even though you’re preparing for the future it’s still an emotional time.

so they take care of everything for you.

You and your loved ones are very happy that they took care that for you, even though it’s for the future.

“We Did That Years Ago”

"We Did That Years Ago"

Planing for the future

My wife and I went to a memorial burial park in N.C. and sat down with one of their associates who showed the options we had grave site, burial space mausoleum crypt, niches, etc.

We discussed it together and decided on two niches side by side which seemed to fit our needs. He took us out on the park grounds and showed us where the niches were located.

We liked the location so we went back to the office and filled out the paper work, payed the price and felt like we both had made a great decision for our future.

“Fast Forward 20 yrs.”

We no longer lived in N. C. we moved to Florida to get closer to my Father & Mother that were dealing with bad health we wanted to be there for them if they needed us. Once we left N.C. we never went back there again and in 2012 my wife passed and went to heaven.

Her wishes for her ashes had changed she wanted her ashes to be spread over the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

So, I respected her wishes and contacted her relatives and my relatives to join in on the ceremony of paying respect and spreading her ashes where she asked in the Gulf of Mexico. Everything went well for such an emotional time in every one’s life.

What do I do from here?

What do I do from here?

What do I do with the 2 burial niches I still have?


I still have 2 burial niches in N. C. and wasn’t real sure what to do with them, so I thought maybe the other one can go to my stepson, but he lives with me in Florida and hasn’t been back to N. C. either for any reason.

Should I sell them? Should I keep them? What should I do?

Can I sell my Grave Site?

So, I started considering selling my niches and contacted a company called Grave Solutions which is like a broker for you, they list it on the internet and try and help you sell it. They do a listing that has your name and phone number so that the buyer can reach you.

You can go online and check your status on your listing to make sure it’s listed right, and the information is correct.

The buyer is supposed to call you for the sale not email you.

“Heartless Predators”


Have you received an email from a buyer?

If you have received an email where someone wants to buy you burial space and they ask you for a final price on your sale.  You agree so they can send you a check for the price you’re asking for on your sale be careful remember I said the buyer will call you on the phone not email you if they’re interested. “It’s a Scam!” 


But when you get the check your surprised because it’s for more than what you were asking!  So you get excited “WOW” even more than I asked!

Then you get another email asking if you receive the check and instructions to deposit your amount for the sale into your checking account and send the rest which was $1000 through western union to the address on the email.

They supply you with a name and address and email to send the rest of the money to. (Don’t do It)

“It’s a Scam!”

Here’s an example of an email that I just received.

From: Crown Memorial Park

steven rock,


I am interested in buying your space and let me to know the last price..$2995 Niche, Urns, Direct Crem.





That email is a scam first the grammar is horrible but if you don’t read it well you could be fooled especially an elderly person that might have trouble with their vision and are praying for a solution to their situation they’re going through at the time in their life.

That’s the kind of people that scammers target, sure the email might be written better or more professionally but if a buyer is trying to reach through email you can bet it’s a scam.

“They will call you on the phone to make arrangements for the sale!

Have you ever been scammed?

Have you ever got an email to buy your space?

Have you known anyone that’s been scammed?

Did this article help you?

I would love to get your feedback on this please leave any comments or questions below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting my website please come back in the future and as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

Have a blessed day!



Larry Anderson


  1. I get so many calls and emails about cemetery plots that it’s crazy. I do live in I guess what they call the retirement capital of the world, but enough is enough. You are so right I have replied just out of curiosity and they definitely were not legit.

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you for checking out my post on Cemetery plot Scams. There are a lot of scammers that pray on the weak and old.
      I live in Florida also!

      Have a blessed night!

  2. The emails that offer to pay more than you’re asking are certainly scams and it’s hard to believe that anyone would be no naive as to believe them and follow any of their instructions. I received a similar email and the person asked for my bank, routing and account number so they could transfer to $ to me. Yeah, riiight.

    So, are you (Larry) suggesting that people not advertise on Grave Solutions?

    I was just getting ready to do just that as I have a cemetery plot to sell (in Florida) that I will also no longer need and wish to sell.

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Hi Andrea,
      Grave Solutions is a legit business they told me the only way people should contact you about buying your plot or niche is by your phone number . any other way like email is a SCAM!
      Be careful I still have two niches to sell that I’ve been trying for since 2012 when my wife passed.
      Hope this helps you out?
      Thank you for checking out my website a your comments and feedback please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content.
      Have a blessed day!

  3. Thanks for your reply, Larry. One other question, please … you listed your niches (cemetery plots) on Grave Solutions and you have not been able to sell them there since 2012?? Six years?? If that’s what you’re saying then I might as well not spend the $59.00 to list them there because my time left here is limited and if I can’t sell my plot within the next 6 months … it will just remain empty forever.

    I listed my plot on the flyer online but only paid $1.99 for the listing fee and I listed it on Craigslist (no charge) but I still have not gotten any takers and I’m asking a very nominal (I think) price.

    I even called a local Realty but they said since I don’t own the land … they can’t help me sell it.

    Have a nice holiday.


    • Hi Andrea, Yes it’s been 6 yrs it’s been listed with Grave Solutions and they said if someone is interested in your plot they will call you on the phone not email you that’s a scam like I talk about in my post. I wish you well in selling it if you do please let me know how or who you went through.
      I hope you have had a wonderful blessed life so far.
      Have a blessed night!

  4. Hi Larry, is it possible to locate our post once it is posted and EDIT something?? If so how do I do that?? If not, maybe you can remove something? Please email me. Thanks ….

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