Dating Sites?

“Online Dating”


Are online dating sites the way to meet people when you’re single?

Have you ever thought about an online dating site?

It can be a way to find someone that is a good match, for any number of reasons divorced, widowed, single but do you really think that most of the dating website are more interested in helping you find your match or making money off you?

Most of the dating sites are geared towards costing you a lot of money to find that special someone. You’ll see dating sites that say “Free” to join but when you join you don’t have access to even returning a message if someone is interested in your profile.

Dating Sites typically start with “Free” to join then they have you fill out a profile about yourself your likes, dislikes and income on some of the sites then they go through their data base to see who your match might be.

They give you a list of profiles that are interested in your profile then you can check out their profile and see if you’re a match.

You get excited from all the profiles that you see that could be a match. You might even get a message or email from one of the profiles that you were interested in. “But” when you try to respond the dating site notifies you that you must upgrade and pay to see the messages or emails.

They show you pictures of people and their profiles which is just the beginning of paying for upgrades it can get very costly, time consuming and frustrating to try and find that special someone.

What I don’t like about these dating sites is that they take advantage of people with broken hearts who are already hurting from either a bad marriage, breakup, loss of someone in their life.

That was me so I have personal experience with losing someone special and going on dating sites to try and find my match.

It’s an emotional roller coaster!

Not to mention all the scammers out there on dating sites where they get your email and then string you along to scam you out of money. One of the dating sites I was on that happened to me for 2 weeks communicating  thru emails, thinking I was going to find someone that might be my match.

Then all the pain and frustration would be over with. We talked on email about everything it sounded like she was a match for me.

But when my birthday came along she asked me for money without me ever meeting, seeing or hearing her. She thought I was stupid well I knew right there that was a scam!

Emotionally drained and gun shy from that experience I took a break from dating sites.

Not all dating sites are nightmares, they do help in finding you a perfect match. Some of the couples I know have gone from a dating site to a good relationship then marriage. So, there is hope for someone looking for their perfect match using a dating site you just have to be cautious about the people on the sites.


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