How to Build a Website “Knowing Nothing!”

Have you looked online lately? Everywhere you look is how to build a website step by step with little to no money and no prior experience. But do you believe all those ads that you can build a website with no money no investments or knowledge on how to build one?

If you do want to own your own online business and build a website then make sure it’s from someone that’s already built a successful, profitable, helpful website that can teach you. What do you think it takes to build a website? When I built my first website I knew nothing, didn’t know where to start or how much it was going to cost.

It was scary but I wanted to build some security for myself and my Stepson and in the process help people in some way. My journey started slowly with no prior knowledge of building a website or an online business of any sort. I was using a 13yr old computer with no spellcheck and no typing skills and vision out of my left eye only due to a medical condition.

I searched the internet high an low looking for an opportunity to learn how to build a successful profitable website online business. Most of the offers were expensive with very little help or encouragement.

But then I came across Wealthy Affiliate and it seemed to offer everything I was looking for in building a website. They had the fruit on the tree as they say. Wealthy Affiliate is an online University where the owners are were willing to help you and a community of over 10,000 members to help also and a reasonable price to learn how to build a successful website.

They even have training where you can learn how to build a website in 30 seconds! Ya, right you’re probably saying right now to yourself. I don’t blame you I felt the same way until I watched the training on it. OMG, you can build a website in 30 seconds.

how to build a website "knowing nothing"

Larry Anderson

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