WA (Light at the End of the Tunnel)

There is Hope!

There is Hope!

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Where are you in Life?

Where are you in life?

Life’s Journey!

Myself I’m 65 years old and have had a very exciting life!

I started out as the oldest of two boys in a middle-class neighborhood growing up in California. I had my first job washing dishes at a dinner I was 15 yrs. old. After that I worked at a full serve gas station in 1965′ which now would be hard to find with everything so automated.

Jobs I had

I’ve had all kinds of jobs in my lifetime from landscaping foreman, bartender, roughneck on an oil rig, working on golf courses, casino dealer, machinist, work for shell oil company a bouncer even a 9 to 5 job those were just some of the jobs I’ve had.

I was always ready to work and make money no matter what I had to do, but it was usually working for a boss.

Most people can relate to that in their lifetime staring out young working hard making a paycheck paying the bills and barely getting by working for an owner or a boss. That was me so I decided to own my own business instead of working for someone else.


Have you worked for someone your whole life?  

businesses I owned

I owned a successful profitable lawn care business back in 1995′. It allowed me to learn a lot of things about business and customers service.

But that had a lot of overhead, investment in startup cost, employees and insurance. Oh, you had to be very ambitious to find customers which took time and money.

My wife, stepson and I made flyers and went door to door to build up a customer base to have a successful lawn care business.

I owned an online internet business in 2000′ but I had no training or experience in that field it was about selling products online and building a MLM business.

It didn’t work at that time in my life.

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? 



But now even though I’m 65 yrs. old the timing is right and I found a business that I can count on trust and believe in 100%. (I See, The Light at The End of The Tunnel!)  Do You?


 “But I’m More Excited About My Future!”

Do you have a bright future?

Your Future!

I’m very excited about my future and all the possibilities it holds for me and my stepson because of a business opportunity that I fell upon when I was looking online.

After being “Scammed” first by another business opportunity in 2013′ out of money and time I was very careful about anything online.

The way the internet is now you must be very careful and cautious about getting involved with any business opportunity online, you need get the proper information before getting involved with anything to do with the internet.

That’s what I did, you can imagine after losing money and time from my life which was a year of it. I was very upset and extremely skeptical of any kind of business opportunity whether it be online or investments.

Their are so many Scams out there.

But, I had to look I had No Choice!

You see just like a lot of people in life you never know where the twist and turns of life are going to take you. Life has its ups and downs for all of us, but the people that make it in life have Goals, Dreams, Ambition and Perseverance! “That’s Me”

I had to look back at all the tough times in life that I had gone through.  I said to myself I didn’t give in or give up then. I’ll find a solution for this issue I just must keep looking for business opportunity that wasn’t a Scam! 

I Still Needed an Income!   

(Reasons Why)

  1. Lost Job in 2013 due to a medical condition
  2. On Social Security Disability
  3. No Savings
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Charity
  6. Retirement

You might be able to relate to my story has anything like that happened to you? 

Below I listed some of my dreams!

I knew when I found the right business opportunity it would allow me to achieve my dreams and goals in life!

Do you have goals and dreams in your life that you haven’t achieved yet working a job or owning a business that owns you?


“My Dreams”

  1. Own my own Home
  2. Pass income on to my Stepson
  3. Vacation
  4. New Car
  5. New Motorcycle

What Are Your Dreams?

Is it to own your own home?

What do you dream about?

Your Dream Home!


Take care of you Family

Family is Precious!



What are your dreams?

Vacation Home!



New Motorcycle?

What do you dream about?

Your new Bike!



New Car?


What are your dreams?

Your new Car!



How much do you need to retire?

Retire in Paradise!

These are all good reasons for wanting to achieve your goals and dreams.

But let me ask you something?

Do you have a way to achieve your goals and dreams?

IF not, then check out this business that I’m so excited about and you will be too!

You can check it out for “FREE”

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and here’s some free information on it to see if it’s for you.

“You can make your own educated decision”

Make your own decision

Check it Out!

If you would like more information to click here….wealthy Affiliate

I wrote an earlier review on Wealthy Affiliate that you can check out here Review

Maybe this business is your light at the end of your tunnel?


Is this business for you?

Your light at the end of the tunnel!

Have you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

Have you looked online for a business to own?

Have you been scammed online?

Did this article help you?

I would love to get your feedback on this please leave any questions or comments below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Please let me know if I can help you out in any way I’m here to answer your questions and any needs you have.

Thank you for visiting my website please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

Have a blessed day!



Larry Anderson

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