What is Wealthy Affiliate? Do you know?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online University!

But, Wealthy Affiliate is more than just one of the many online university courses on the internet, this business is an opportunity for someone to make their dreams come true.

Extra Money?


If you need extra money working part time why not work for yourself than working for someone else and let this business teach you how to build a successful, profitable online website.

Replace Income?

If you’re looking for a business online that can replace your current income, then this business could be what you’ve been looking for all along.


If you’re looking for retirement income so that you don’t have to rely on social security income only, then this business could be for you as well.

No Computer Skills?

If you have no experience with computers or websites like I did when I started out that’s OK  this business teaches you everything you need to know with help from other member, that have already been successful and profitable with Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn everything from A-Z  about your business like I did when I first started out, like building a online website from scratch without any computer skills, website skills or business skills.

No Money to Invest?

If you have no money to invest in building a successful, profitable online website, then this business could be for you!

“Free” to check it out and if you want to signup and get started it’s still “Free”

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005′ as an online work company and has been awarded the #1 online work company from 2009′ till now. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how build, own and operate a successful online website of your choice and passion.

Kyle is the moderator, Tutor and Editor of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

My Passion Harmonicas!

I’ll give you an example, one of my passions is harmonicas and with the help of 10,000 WA members, Kyle and Carson and a tech. support team.  I was able to build a successful and profitable harmonica website with no experience on computers, websites or online business prior to Wealthy Affiliate.



Have you been Scammed Online?


Now I’m building my second website “Look Out for Online Scams” why you ask? Because I was scammed out of money and time from another online university before I found Wealthy Affiliate “Not a Scam!”


When I first found Wealthy affiliate, I was looking for extra income a business of my own an online website, but I had no money to invest I didn’t know a thing about the internet or computers much less how-to build an online website.

But, when I researched Wealthy Affiliate I felt like I had finally found a business opportunity that could fill all my needs. It cost nothing to sign up and get started the first seven day and see if this business fits your needs like it did mine. They had all the help I needed to learn about computers the internet and building my own online website.

So, I said to myself looks like this business Wealthy Affiliate could teach me everything I need to know to make my dreams come true. Then I in return can help someone else build a successful and profitable online website of their passion. (Pay it Forward Business)

Sounded like what I was looking for, so I gave it a shot an checked it out for seven days for free but three days into the seven days I joined an upgraded to a premium member for $49 a month instead of a starter member which can still be free even after the seven days if you choose to.

I knew after researching Wealthy Affiliate thoroughly that this was the business I was going to learn everything from to have a successful, profitable online website to make my dreams come true.


“Check it Out for Yourself”





Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

Did you know what Wealthy Affiliate is?

Did my review help you?

Have you been scammed online?

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Have a blessed day!


Larry Anderson

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