Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Let me think about this?

Have you tried any other online universities before?

“I have so be Careful”

Have you tried other online universities ?


I have and it wasn’t a pretty experience! I lost time and money at age 66 and you don’t want to waste any time that you don’t have as you go into your golden years. Lol Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice out there compared to all the other top rated online universities I’ve checked them out before I chose Wealthy Affiliate University.

Envelope Stuffing Scam


I had personal experience with an online university that was a scam just like the envelope stuffing scam. They scammed me out of a year of my life and about a $300 investment.

Thank goodness it was only $300 it could have been a lot more if I hadn’t figured out it was a scam first. It had up sells galore they up sell for membership for training, etc. They had no support whatsoever the package looked good on the outside but what was on the inside was a whole different story.

“A Name you can Trust”

A name you can trust

Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that is one that has a lot more to offer than the other online universities, first of all it doesn’t cost and arm and leg to get started. There are no up sells you can get signed up and get started for “Free” no credit cards needed.

No Credit Card No Time Limit

Free Means Free!



They teach you everything you need to know about owning and running a long term online website choosing any passion your interested in. One of my passions is harmonicas so I built a harmonica website it was fun and not a chore to do because I enjoyed the niche I choose.

The website is actually called All About harmonicas & Famous Harmonica Players so it’s a lot more than just about harmonicas.

I knew nothing about computers, websites, or building an online long term business. I had no clue where to look for help or suggestions. So I went to the good old internet looking for a real opportunity not another scam like the first experience that’s when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate University.


Have you ever seen an opportunity online that is willing to teach everything you need to know about building a successful, profitable residual based income, that you can pass on to your family? With all the help you need from 10,000 members and the Owner’s personal help along with top of the line tech. support 24/7.

I Hadn’t seen anything like that before Wealthy Affiliate! 

Believe me when I say I checked out a lot of other online universities first, after the nightmare I went through the first time. I was very careful before I got involved with any online university. The system that’s put in place here at wealthyaffiliate.com  took a lot of time and effort and money on the part of the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle & Carson.







Founders/Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle & Carson



What are your goals and dreams for your future and your family’s future?

A Job Money no Time

“JOB”                                      “OWN”

Have you got a plan in store?

You know that times are changing fast that’s why I got on board with Wealthy Affiliate to achieve my goals and dreams.

You see I had a plan just like a lot of people out there I was working at a major corp. Lowe’s  playing harmonica on the side with a band had a 401k  happily married looking for retirement.

But things changed in 2012′ when my life long partner and wife for 17 yrs passed away. One year later I had bleeding retinas in both eyes an lost my vision and went on disability and lost my job at Lowe’s.

Whoops what happened?

What happened to my future?

What happened I didn’t see that coming


I had my future all planned out what happened!

Things change, and you never know when they’re going change so you better have a rock-solid plan in place for your future and your family.

So, what is your plan for your future have you given it any thought?

It's never to late

Start Your Own Business

The reasons I ask you is because life passes fast and I thought I had it all planned out when I was younger, but you never know what life going to throw you. I had some challenges and I’m sure a lot of you have had a lot of challenges in your life also. The question is how did you handle those challenge when they came up.

Did you think those challenges were going to work themselves out by themselves or did you take action and take care of those challenges.

Myself I looked for other ways to take care of myself and my family which consist of a brother and a stepson that I live with here in Florida were buds we do everything together.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate I was excited because I had found a home of like mined people.

Surround yourself with positive people

Hang around Dreamers

Wealthy Affiliate members are willing to help you with questions and training like they did me at first, now I can in return help others succeed. You learn from people you hang around with, so I decided to hang around successful people in this Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to accomplish in their lifetime this is a way to reach those goals & dreams for me maybe it might be for you also.  When you choose to go college, you choose to spend money time and effort to get a career in whatever field you choose and usually end up working for a Boss.

Are you struggling to make money online?

Still Struggling?

Check out Wealthy Affiliate below and see if it’s for you!


Have you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

Have you been scammed from an online university?

Are you  looking for extra income?

Are you looking for a business to own?

Have you checked out other businesses?

Did this article help you?

I would to get your feedback on this please leave any questions or comments below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Please come back and visit my website in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

Have a blessed day!


Larry Anderson


  1. Hi Larry,

    Am impressed to read your story and I like the way this connects to Wealthy Affiliate. Seems to me that this is one of the best online Universities where one can learn and earn at the same time.

    I’m wondering how long have you been involved in Wealthy Affiliate and what are your personal achievements so far? Would you recommend this program to anybody who has 0 computer and typing skills?

    Best wishes


    • Hi Paul, Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments. I’ve been in since Jan 2015 but I had no computer skills, internet skills or typing skills before Wealthy Affiliate. I have built 2 websites first one a harmonica website allaboutharmonicas.com and lookoutforonlinescams.com second website. I’m in WA Boot camp right now completing  that course. 

      Also I’m 67yrs young and only have vision out of one eye! 

      So, YES I would recommend this online University to everyone and anyone that wants to own their own online business.   

      If I can help you out in any way please ask me. 

      Have a blessed day!


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