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Have you ever thought about a work from home business?


There are a lot of people for various reasons that are looking for a work from home business here is just one of the many businesses out there that seems to be very popular and very well known.

          “eBay Business- sell things online”


A lot of people are looking to work from home a big business is selling products online through eBay and other online sites like Amazon.

First thing you need to do is purchase a few items on eBay most people start by selling all their junk on eBay kind of like a big garage sale was how it used to be. But nowadays “everything” is sold on eBay and it’s not junk anymore you can sell things on eBay also if this sounds like the opportunity for you. They are a few things you need to know first before you get started.

“Know what you’re selling”

eBay is a community of sellers who still work off the “honor system” so you  purchasing a few things off eBay will help you to build trust between the other sellers and help you, when you start selling on eBay.

Go to eBay and do some research first on products you’ll be selling so when people ask you questions about what your selling you can answer their questions and educate them on them.

Knowing your product makes you look more professional also.

“Buy at wholesale”

Google the product at wholesale and find a supplier who will sell to you at a wholesale price. The supplier is probably going to want to make sure your serious about selling their product on eBay.

You must start an account with your supplier and ask them for a pricing guide and a catalog or a website for dealers.

“Think long term” 


If this kind of business works for you and your thinking long term with your supplier you should probably consider the “Drop Ship Business” that’s where the supplier sends the product straight to the customer.

Ask your supplier for a pricing guide and a catalog so you can see what your purchasing price is going to be for the product.

Go to eBay website and check on the “sold listings” that will tell you the actual price the product was sold for. Then check on the “completed listings” that will tell you what sold and what didn’t. You need to research why some sold and some didn’t.

“Is it worth it?” 






  1. working with a big well-known company eBay
  2. own your own business
  3. make some profit




  1. startup fee to buy the product
  2. S & H from the supplier to you
  3. S & H from you to the buyer
  4. Gas and wear and tear on your car
  5. eBay fee 6% of selling price
  6. PayPal fee 3% of selling price
  7. million new sellers this year



As you can see from above very little return for a lot of effort not something I would get involved with I don’t know about you? but I was looking for a work from home business that didn’t cost a lot to get started had some sort of course to follow, help if you needed it and a business that would be a residual income and I could do the business anywhere with a computer or phone.

“I Found It!”

(Cool Business)

I found a business that you can check out and get involved with like I did for “Zero” startup fee and with no investment you get.


  1. Zero startup fee
  2. 2- Websites
  3. WordPress Websites
  4. Training videos, tutorials, courses
  5. Live Chat 24 hr. support
  6. My help
  7. Kyle “Owner” help
  8. 10,000 Members help
  9. Residual Income
  10. Business from home
  11. business from anywhere computer, tablet or cell phone


  1. You must do the work

If I’ve peaked your interest and you would like to find out more about this business opportunity then check this link hereWealthy Affiliate



Have you been looking for a home-based business?

Have you ever owned a home-based business?

Do you know someone who owns a home-based business?

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